Friday, August 13, 2021

25 Ideas for Celebrating "Thank A Police Officer Day" in Your Community

How can you participate in honoring law enforcement? Here is a list filled with ideas for neighborhoods, area businesses, local organizations, schools , families and anyone who wishes to make a difference by saying “thank you” this September.

• Coordinate a project at your office or workplace. Collect donations and have subs or a sandwich platter delivered to your nearby sheriff’s office or police station during the week of 9/12 - 9/17.

• Deliver a basket of fresh fruit to any department to be enjoyed by the entire staff throughout the day.

• Involve your family in “adopting” a local police station. Stop by one day with homemade cookies and a card (please contact someone at the department ahead of time).

• Become a neighborhood organizer for a "thoughtfulness campaign". Collect cards and donations for a delivery of lunch or dinner.

• Change your porch light to a blue bulb to show your support of those who serve.

• Treat a station to fresh bagels, doughnuts and coffee one morning.

• Contact an area radio station to explain what Thank A Police Officer Day is about and ask them to mention the upcoming event on air. If you need details, email us and we’ll forward a press release and information to pass on.

• Baked goods and delicious treats are a wonderful idea. Please remember to check with a department first, however, for guidelines on the type of items they can accept.

• Print and display images in support of law enforcement at your business, in a store window and on community bulletin boards. Contact us at and we’ll be happy to email you hi-resolution graphics.

• September is still a warm month. A quick delivery of several cases of Gatorade, waters or energy drinks is always appreciated.

• Order pizza for one of the shifts at your nearby station. (We suggest checking with them ahead of time to confirm).

• Pick up the tab for an officer's coffee or meal when you have the opportunity. Doing so anonymously is a fun gesture.

• Blue ribbons lining the streets, on lampposts or decorating front yards are a welcome sight and remind the entire community that we care.

• Help your children write letters to local officers as a “gratitude project” they can learn from.

• Follow our page for ideas to share with your neighbors and friends - starting a group is an excellent way to plan!

• Host a first responder appreciation event at your church.

• Download our images for many of the agencies across Delmarva to use as cards or goody bag tags. Don’t see your local PD in our albums? Contact us to see what’s available.

• Take blank greeting cards to work or school and have your co-workers or classmates help to fill them with messages of inspiration and appreciation.

• Goody bags of useful, consumable items are always appreciated! Gather up an assortment of treats such as individually wrapped packages of beef jerky or nuts, protein bars, mini bottles of Gatorade or energy drinks, along with hand sanitizer, packs of Kleenex, bug spray or disinfectant wipes. Package with tags which include messages of support and distribute generously.

• Ask your mayor or elected officials to issue a proclamation honoring police in your town or city.

• It's not necessary to visit an agency just on the official day. A gift basket of treats and healthy snacks can be assembled and dropped off anytime that week.

• Is your restaurant providing discounted meals to law enforcement during September? Please contact us with information.

• Spread the word! Tell your friends about "Thank A Police Officer Day" and invite them to join in honoring our LEO's. Download images from our photo albums to share on your social networks.

• It's not necessary to visit an agency just on the official day. A gift basket of treats and healthy snacks can be assembled and dropped off anytime that week.

• Visit the folks who started movement in 2012, the Whole Truth Project's Facebook Page for images and inspiration.

• Display a message of encouragement and appreciation on your business sign that week.

• Tell us about your local hero such as a neighbor or family member who has served. Share a photo with us and we will post it during September.

• We love to see what folks have planned! Visit our Facebook page to share photos of your projects, and tag us in your posts with #delmarvasupportslawenforcement or #delmarvablue.

Whatever you decide to do, the goal is the same; to thank and show appreciation to the men and women who keep us all safe. Thank you for your support of our officers!

Delmarva Supports Law Enforcement was established in support of the men and women who serve the fourteen counties of Delmarva; Delaware and eastern shore areas of Maryland and Virginia); advocating respect for all who serve and protect.