Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thank A Police Officer Day 2016 | Treats, Goody Bags and Ideas!

Thank A Police Officer Day is coming up on September 17th, 2016 and once again we will be visiting a number of agencies in our area. Here are some of the ideas we have been discussing in a group as we plan for the goodies and surprises to be delivered to local departments on that day.

We have "Team Captains" who are the person or persons who adopt a department and gather treats, cards, etc for their location. It's not about spending money, it's about how special we can each make their day and let all LEO's know how much we care and appreciate them. The ideas range from:

  • Platter of Cupcakes or Cookies
  • Have a sub or deli tray delivered
  • Present each officer with a goody bag
  • Trays of snacks tied to balloons
  • Order a couple of pizzas to be sent over for each shift
  • Giant cards or paper scrolls filled with messages of support from the community
  • Please note that not all departments accept homemade items. If you are thinking of doing this, please check with them first.

There is no set way to adopt a department ~ everyone does their own thing and the point is just to acknowledge our officers! Whatever you wish to make of it is a great thing because a big part of this event is the personal visits from people; families, kids, local residents. Past that, the sky's the limit and you can do whatever you feel works for your group and delivery day! You can find our event on Facebook and also see the slideshow from 2015 on YouTube.


Good ideas for gift bags / Police Officer appreciation day - free printable for the front too. Link

Survival Kit for Police Officer ~ link

I think this is such a cool idea to do for a large department and with a bunch of people - set up a whole table with goodies, including drinks and fruit.

Some more examples of treat bags

Here are the type of cards you can print for the front

Suggestions to thank a police officer

This is kind of a more useful or practical bag. Might be a good idea also if you think they are getting mostly candy and stuff?

Dum-Dum bouquets....ha ha, cute idea

Police Appreciation Ideas from The Police Wife - link to their Facebook Album

Idea for little treat bags on Pinterest (right). I think I may only do the one on the left if I knew the person I was giving it to, lol.

Survival kit buckets

Using M and M candies for treat bags...


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