Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cpl. Stephen Ballard, Delaware State Police • E.O.W. 4/26/17

"I didn't know you and I probably would never have met you."

Thursday, May 4th, 2017:

This past week, as our state grieved, as our officers mourned, as we began to learn about a life cut short, we now know a little bit about Cpl. Stephen Ballard. As strangers joined together at the place where his life was taken, as we gathered in the darkness on Monday night and held candles to honor his service and sacrifice, we became aware of his family and loved ones and accomplishments and dedication.

None of us here in this small state were excluded from the tragedy which unfolded, or untouched by an emptiness, because as we watched videos, read stories and passed along photographs, we saw the pain and sadness of this loss reflected in all law enforcement. The words which have been said so many times before, how the passing of an officer is not confined to just one department, or agency, or place, but is felt across an entire country, are what we saw unfolding over the last few days. We witnessed it this week over and over again as we greeted friends and neighbors; shook hands with law enforcement and state troopers; shared in the sadness of hearing Cpl. Ballard's beautiful wife speaking about him. Together we participated in the realization that a husband will never return home again, a father will not be there for the special moments to come in his daughter's life and that in leaving, a son has taken a piece of his parents' hearts with him forever.

Friday will not be an easy day. Please hold the loved ones of Cpl. Ballard and all of the Delaware State Police family in your hearts, thoughts and prayers, not just tomorrow but in the days and weeks to come. Rest In Peace Cpl. Stephen Ballard. Your life mattered.

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