Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Disrespect in New York

Even before I read Mr. Sutton's post on Facebook this evening, I'd already seen and heard about the last week in NY as a family struggles.

In some work places there are just certain things which are expected; considered the traditional response; things which are the norm. One example would be an employer sensitive to a death or tragedy. I've known occasions where people have actually quit their jobs over situations where they felt unsupported or as if no one cared - yes, one of my friends actually left their place of employment following such an incident. What kind of message is being sent when after being unavailable following the assassination of a police officer, someone shows up to a funeral as if it's acceptable now? There are so many words which could be used to describe the stress and difficulties that officers are facing already. One might think that above everything else, during such a horrible time for the family of Officer Familia, compassion and respect would have been of the utmost importance.

"Hundreds of NYPD cops turn backs to de Blasio in protest as he speaks at funeral for slain Officer Miosotis Familia"

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