Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on Delmarva | January 9th, 2018

Good morning. Yesterday on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day we saw some acts of kindness from local residents who took the time to drop by their local departments and thank the men and women who serve. We love seeing that and feel such efforts are both valuable and important for our community. (see the event page for our area here)

Guess what? You can do that anytime of the year, no need to wait for a special day or occasion. The folks who go to work each day to protect your family and the lives of the people around them are special individuals who chose a certain kind of work not many of us could do. We think they deserve respect and appreciation far more than is shown by our society. So any time you think of it, go ahead and give a smile or a nod. Bring your kids to a local event at the department, deliver a meal or have your neighborhood sign a banner with messages of support. It's not a lot for us to do in comparison of what our LEO'S do for us.

One last thing: there are several "official" dates during the year set aside for to honor law enforcement. One was yesterday and the other is Thank A Police Officer Day in September. We're bringing this up to you now to ask you to put it on your radar because it's a great opportunity to step up and get involved in a community-wide project. For the last three years we have made an effort to coordinate a volunteer effort across Delmarva which reaches out to area agencies in many different ways - trust us when we say there are so many things you can do to participate! It's a variety of individuals, local businesses, groups and families coming together with the goal of honoring and acknowledging our LEO's. September 15th is the date, we have a planning committee and group for this effort and all that's needed is you! Contact us through the page to learn how you can be a part of this year's "Thank A Police Officer Day on Delmarva".

Thank you to all of our law enforcement agencies and departments. We are grateful for you each and every day! Stay safe and God bless you all.

Delmarva Supports Law Enforcement