Thursday, June 23, 2016

Four-footed Officers of Delmarva (Part I)

We've been thinking for some time about showcasing the animal officers in the nearby departments, and yesterday I posted about it on our Facebook page. Well, it seems that plenty of people would like to join in acknowledging and meeting the four-footed patrol partners from around the Delmarva area So with that encouragement we are going to be featuring the dogs, horses and even a cat(!) who along with our local law enforcement agencies, serve and protect our communities. Don't forget to check out this blog for parts two, three and four in this series....and FYI, here's a little "interaction tip" for your Facebook page: mention dogs, cats, horses or all of the above and presto! Instant engagement and comments! Welcome to part one of the "4-Footed Officers of Delmarva".

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K9 Hank, Salisbury PD: This handsome boy actually is pretty hi-tech, sharing his experiences and career via Twitter! Hank's bio reads: "I am a German Shorthair Pointer who works for the Salisbury Police Department (Maryland). I specialize in narcotic detection and human tracking."

Find Hank on Twitter and Instagram

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K9 Emmy, Dorchester County Sheriff's Office: I got a chance to meet this gorgeous girl recently at an event but unfortunately get to speak with her partner. Photos of Emmy shared with us:



Visit the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office website and find them on Facebook

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K9's of the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office, info via their website:"The Wicomico County Sheriff's Office K-9 Division assist Law Enforcement Officers from the Maryland State Police, Salisbury Police Dept., Fruitland Police Dept., Delmar Police Dept., Worcester Co. Sheriff's Office, Wicomico Co. Narcotics Task Force and the Dorchester Co. Narcotics Task Force. The K-9 team consists of six deputies, six German Shepherds Malinois cross; "Rookie", "Brune", "Uke", "Blech", "Diablo" and “Fiasko”. The K-9 team assists allied agencies in narcotics scans, searches (buildings, areas, articles), tracks, demonstrations (public relations), property checks (foot patrols) and criminal apprehensions."

Shown here is K9 Blek with his partner Deputy Bowden at an event in Berlin, MD.


Visit the Wicomico County Sheriff's department website and Facebook page

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New Castle County Police Mounted Patrol Unit (info via their website):"The MPU was established in 1981 and is the only full-duty working mounted patrol in Delaware. It deploys teams of officers and horses on a daily basis throughout New Castle County to enforce traffic laws, patrol high-crime neighborhoods, perform terrain searches, and aid in crowd control. In addition, the public’s intrigue with the horses provides a unique opportunity for vital public relations within communities, local schools, businesses, and other organizations".

YouTube video (November 2014) about the horses from Sgt. Mary Devine, who heads The New Castle County Police Mounted Patrol Unit

The Friends of the Mounted Patrol (FMP) is a group of private citizens who work on a volunteer basis to support the New Castle County (NCC) Police Mounted Patrol Unit (MPU). We believe that the Mounted Patrol Unit is an essential component in the NCC Police department’s law enforcement efforts and provides a unique opportunity for proactive policing and connecting with the community. Formed in 2009 when the Unit was in jeopardy due to budget cuts, we continue to be committed to informing the public about the necessity of the Unit and to raising funds to support the ongoing needs of the active duty Unit and its retired horses. Visit Friends of the Mounted Patrol, New Castle County, DE on Facebook and at their website.

Visit the New Castle County Police Department's website and Facebook pageand also the site

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