Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Four-footed Officers of Delmarva (Part 3)

The third installment of our series features three Maryland canine departments and the Mounted Unit of the Delaware State Police.

• • • • • K9 "Rookie", Wicomico County Sheriffs Office • • • • •

K9 Rookie and DFC B. Lewis

Info about the WCSO dogs via their website:"The Wicomico County Sheriff's Office K-9 Division assist Law Enforcement Officers from the Maryland State Police, Salisbury Police Dept., Fruitland Police Dept., Delmar Police Dept., Worcester Co. Sheriff's Office, Wicomico Co. Narcotics Task Force and the Dorchester Co. Narcotics Task Force. The K-9 team consists of six deputies, six German Shepherds Malinois cross; "Rookie", "Brune", "Uke", "Blech", "Diablo" and “Fiasko”. The K-9 team assists allied agencies in narcotics scans, searches (buildings, areas, articles), tracks, demonstrations (public relations), property checks (foot patrols) and criminal apprehensions."

Visit the Wicomico County Sheriff's department website and Facebook page.

• • • • • Delaware State Police Mounted Patrol Unit, Inc. • • • • •

From their Facebook page: "The Delaware State Police Mounted Patrol Unit is an organization whose primary purpose is to augment and enhance the traditional function of the Delaware State Police during public events and specialized patrol activities. The Mounted Patrol Unit would also pay formal respect to fallen comrades with an elegant equestrian presence. The members of this unit are dedicated to tradition, and their role of improving the quality of life for the citizens of Delaware."

Visit their Facebook page at

• • • • • Cecil County Sheriff's K9 Team • • • • •


The Sheriff's office presently utilizes two patrol certified K-9's. This K-9 is assigned to patrol duties. The dog is currently trained in Criminal Apprehension and Patrol Functions. K9 Kilo and K9 Max joined patrol in June 2014.

Links: and on Facebook

• • • • • K9's of the Worcester County Sheriff's Office • • • • •

K9 Simon and Deputy Chris Larmore

K9 Edo and his handler D. Trotter

Links for the Worcester County Sheriff's Office: and on Facebook

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