Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Turn the town Blue" | May 16th in Georgetown, Delaware

On a cool Monday night in May, citizens, local residents and members of law enforcement gathered together on Georgetown's historic Circle. We came out to show that we care; to say thank you to local officers; to make a stand and show that we are here to back our men and women of the police departments.

It was a grassroots kind of thing, meaning I didn't catch anything in the paper about it and other than this signage on the fire department down the street it appeared to be all word of mouth. And yet people came out, wearing sweatshirts and baseball caps that showed they were here for their law enforcement, bringing signs and flags and offering thanks to the officers present.

I think we need to see more of this.....for so many reasons. I believe our neighborhoods and town squares and public leaders could come together and encourage people to come out and mingle and be a part of something. Because we are today, not so much a part of anything anymore, unless a tragedy happens, and then sometimes you see a rallying of support or flood of emotions for a cause. We need to turn off our televisions and leave the gadgets on the kitchen counter (where, I happen to think, they should all spend a certain amount of time resting each evening), and just go out and TALK TO ONE ANOTHER. How about it, other local towns and communities? You could do it too! THIS is all it took to get started.

Why don't we do that anymore? Is it crime that we fear, afraid to leave our homes and safe hiding places? Or do we just not know anyone and feel isolated and alone? The longer we stay in our rut the more comfortable it will become until one day we may know our neighbors even less than we do now. I don't want to live like that - and it's not a healthy or growing lifestyle for the community - it's not forward movement that we can build on.

This was organized by the mayor of Georgetown, Bill West. I asked him why, and what prompted him to get this event up and running and here is his reply: "With the negative things happening around this country involving law enforcement I decided to let the people know that we need police officers to protect us. Being retired officer I feel that 95% of police are great people doing a great job. The officer community can police their only and weed out the bad. Any town could show support. I did it because we are the county seat and wanted to lead the way."

Which departments were there? Here's what I have, but I believe I'm missing a few:
Georgetown PD
Delaware State Police
Georgetown School Resource Officer
Bethany Beach

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