Sunday, July 3, 2016

Four-footed Officers of Delmarva (Part 4)

Part four of our week honoring those who serve our communities on four feet includes: K9's from the Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Office, Ocean City Mounted Patrol, Weatherkitty of the Cecil County Sheriff's Office and K9 Officers from central Delaware.

• • • K9's from the Queen Anne's County Sheriff's Office • • •


For a news article (March 2016) about the expansion of the Sheriff’s Office K9 Program click here and on Facebook

• • • Ocean City Mounted Patrol • • •
  (photo borrowed from their site at
  The Mounted Unit recently grew in size. "Ocean City Police Mounted Patrol Unit Expanding"

Visit them at and on Facebook

• • • Feline "Weatherkitty", Cecil County Sheriff's Office • • •
  Now you see why it had to be "four-footed officers week", rather than "K9 week" ~ tada, it's Weatherkitty! While we have no evidence that she was in fact ever trained and or/certified as an "officer", she does offer safety messages and works to educate the public through her agency. I'd love to throw in a statistic telling you that "posts with a Weatherkitty result in x% more people paying attention" but while I don't have the numbers it is easy to see that HER posts get more attention than just an average safety message.

  Connect with Weatherkitty on Facebook and read a blog post about her approach to social media here.

• • • K9 Officers from several agencies in central Delaware • • •

K9 "Marshall" from the Harrington Police Department

K9 "Reeko" of the Dover Police Department

K9 Officers and handlers from the Symrna Police Department

Retired K9 "Zidane" from the Clayton Police Department

What you may now know is that all five of these dogs posted were, through the tireless efforts and fundraising by Crystal Rau, able to be outfitted with ballistic vests! Thank you Crystal for your dedication to these working officers!!

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