Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Did we forget so soon?

Today's interaction, although small, to me seemed to speak volumes. When I thought it over a couple of hours later, I felt it showed that support for our law enforcement still isn't front and center in many places. It surprised me to hear the officer say "we don't see that much around here" - almost as if that way of life has become accepted. I hate that - I hate they are out there doing jobs that many of us couldn't do - and it's become the norm to see so little respect or appreciation?? I'm grateful that he took the time to tell me it mattered - but wish it wasn't so rare for them to notice that people care. I wish we as a society had begun to shift in that new direction that it seemed we leaned towards just a few months ago during Thank a Police Officer Day and again on January 9th. But it didn't last - and it sure seems that we owe them a hell of a lot more respect than what they are seeing....still.